Considering I work in television, no reader should be surprised I idolized it as a child. I still remember the lineup from when we got cable TV.

  • 2. MTV
  • 3. KEKR (ind)
  • 4. WDAF (NBC)
  • 5. KCMO (CBS)
  • 6. local access
  • 7. KCPT (PBS)
  • 8. KSNT (NBC)
  • 9. KMBC (ABC)
  • 10. TBS
  • 11. KTWU (PBS)
  • 12. KSHB (ind)
  • 13. WIBW (CBS)

    Yes, we had MTV on channel 2. My parents forbid me to watch it, thinking music videos somehow meant the end of decent civilization. I would craft my own show schedules and draw new logos for existing shows. Graphics fascinated me. I loved the news, of course, because I was not a normal child. But I probably watched cartoons more than anything. My favorite? Dungeons and Dragons. I had a crush on the red-haired girl.