The bands with the most songs on my iPod include Pink Floyd and Talking Heads-- both standards among rock and roll. Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime was the first album I ever bought on compact disc (years after its release).

My ear doesn't hear perfect pitch the way normal people hear it, and that likely developed my odd taste in music. I like certain chord progressions over others, but I could not identify them because I don't read music too well. As mentioned in another post, I liked the Pet Shop Boys a lot as a kid. My teenage music discovery phase involved listening to older Billy Idol and Thompson Twins songs on the preview station at Streetside Music just as much as album rock radio. I have no problem with disco music and its derivatives. I find some of the absurd ballads of the 1970s fascinating. I bought a vinyl copy of Foreigner's 4 album for a dime at a library book sale. I still have a CD from a band called The Nixons, and a cassette from Peter Cetera, and I have no idea why. Forgive me if you hear Fad Gadget or the Shamen on my iPod.

I try to keep my music to myself. I don't like to share my taste because it approaches socially unacceptable territory. I'll just keep my headphones on, thank you.