Kansas City loves the Chiefs, probably more than anything. Tailgating for home games begins early in the morning. Pregame radio begins three-and-a-half hours before kickoff. The television ratings, even if the Chiefs are terrible, always exceed 30.

When I was a kid, the Chiefs struggled. They made the playoffs in 1986, and I think that was it. By the 1990s, the Chiefs turned better draft picks into a formidable team. Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith terrorized opponents. The Chiefs even landed Joe Montana at the end of his career. But 1993 proved to be the last time the Chiefs would actually win a playoff game. In years the Chiefs had a good defense, the offense played with dubious distinction. In times of terrific offense, the defense rolled over. The Chiefs never seem to have a harmonious whole. Such is the case in 2013, with Kansas City playing quality defense, but barely accumulating enough offense to match. Somehow the Chiefs won their first nine games of the season. I would not be surprised if KC faltered at the end again.