Much like Fargo, the Big Lebowski explores characters far in over their heads for the task at hand. Jeff Bridges plays the ultimate slacker, an unemployed man who bowls, wears a bathrobe out of the house, and will write a check for a 69-cent purchase. Mistaken identity leads two goons to urinate on his carpet, and the story is in motion. Lebowski wants a replacement rug, but his associates and anyone who becomes part of this life have much larger ambitions. Lebowski's indifference contrasts with his bowling partner's (John Goodman) literate, violent outbursts.

The movie got so-so reviews at the time, but has taken on a life of its own. The quotations are a part of everyday Generation X culture. Entire festivals are dedicated to this one film, of all the Coen Brothers pictures. It's an interesting film. It's worth watching. But I suppose I don't understand the fascination.