Rutgers 27, Kansas 14

This photo might summarize the quality of the Kansas-Rutgers game. Lining up offside happens occasionally. But, what in the world is this?

The refs also flagged Kansas for illegal formation on the same play. Football!

The persistent themes continued for Kansas. The Jayhawks struggled to move the ball on offense. The Jayhawks struggled to do just about everything on defense. Shedding blocks? Nope. Tackling? Non-existent. Lack of discipline? Absolutely. Rutgers may be missing players, but not enough to have an effect on this game. I don't know what happens during the week, but in live action, Kansas is China Syndrome personified. One mistake is deadly and usually leads to a chain reaction of other events. Rutgers did just enough to win the game, mostly running the ball with little resistance.

Deondre Ford started the game because Montell Cozart had a 104-degree temperature. Ford quickly injured his thumb and Cozart entered the game anyway. For a man with a high fever, he didn't play too badly. You have to feel some encouragement for Cozart. The offensive line didn't give him much of a chance, though. Rutgers shut down the running game early. Clearly the staff is scared to play Ryan Willis (not a running quarterback) behind this line. That's too bad because they burned his redshirt for two snaps in the first game. Not knowing the extent of Ford's injury, I must assume Cozart, if he's not down with a serious illness, will start at Iowa State in a week.

As a side note, this continues an exceptionally long losing streak on the road. Kansas hasn't won a road game since 2009, and a conference road game since 2008.