The final stretch

World Series coverage and a nasty cold prevented me from discussing the Texas game. It proceeded exactly as planned, and probably worse, because we made a mediocre team look competent in all phases of the game. Furthermore, Ryan Willis finally got injured when our weak offensive line allowed sack after sack. Also, a 240-pound running back somehow ran away from our defense and scored a 93-yard touchdown.

Kansas plays its final road game of the season with a date against TCU. The Horned Frogs just got smacked by Oklahoma State, so they're angry. Kansas has played TCU close the last two years, but this time, the Jayhawks are 45-point underdogs. Kansas is the only team to be at least a 28-point underdog in six straight games.

It's unclear if Willis can play. I'm guessing he won't. MOntell Cozart just had season-ending surgery. So we will likely see a lot of T.J. Millweard and Keaton Perry. There are no other quarterbacks, unless you want to pull the redshirt off Carter Stanley. These final three weeks will be about the young players, and whether they can actually improve. It's hard to tell when you have so few players capable of playing against Big 12 athletes.

Prediction: TCU 57, Kansas 7