Camp update: August 14

The Jayhawks have spent a little over a week in preseason camp. With so many new faces, walkons, and a short supply of actual scholarship players, it's difficult to guage if they're making any progress and who is separating from the pack.

By all media accounts, the team is practicing at a high tempo and with a bounty of enthusiasm for the new coaching staff. But the fact remains, KU has few Big-12 caliber players and a lot of guys who should be playing in non-power-five schools or at the FCS level. Saturday the 15th will be a scrimmage day for the Jayhawks.

Depth chart trend: offense

2 Montell Cozart - Jr. - Kansas City, Mo.
Cozart continues to have the edge due to his experience.
13 Ryan Willis - Fr. - Overland Park, Kan.
The true freshman has typically been running second, showing good arm strength, but limited judgment as expected.
9 Carter Stanley - Fr. - Vero Beach, Fla.
The other true freshman struggled in a recent open practice. He might have the weakest arm, but the better running capability.
15 Deondre Ford - Jr. - Waco, Texas
Ford is a JuCo transfer walk-on, showing decent athletic ability, but a history of poor decisions when passing.
10 T.J. Millweard - Jr. - Colleyville, Texas
18 Frank Suerer, Jr. - Jr. - Olathe, Kan.
14 Michael Cummings - Sr. - Killeen, Texas
Cummings would have started if healthy
8 Keaton Perry - TR - Arlington, Texas
Transfer from TCU-- not eligible
22 Ke'Aun Kinner - Jr. - Little Elm, Texas
Kinner appears to have a good grip on starting, showing a better balance of speed and power than the others.
23 De'Andre Mann - Sr. - Miami, Fla.
Mann appears to be healthy, but is still taking it slowly
36 Taylor Cox - Sr. - Mill Creek, Wash.
Cox is still returning from injury, and has not participated in contact drills yet.
24 Taylor Martin - Fr. - Fort Worth, Texas
Martin has not received any publicity, but any injury in this group will force him into action.
33 Ryan Schadler - RSFr. - Hesston, Kan.
Track speed, but has already fumbled more than once in 11-on-11 workouts.
25 J.J. Jolaoso - TR - Attleboro, Mass.
40 Preston Randall - Jr. - Lawrence, Kan.
32 Reese Randall - RSFr. - Lawrence, Kan.
11 Tre' Parmalee - Sr. - Overland Park, Kan.
Tre returns the most experience. Based on that alone, he will probably begin the season as the starting Z or Y receiver.
7 Derrick Neal - So. - Dallas, Texas
One of the fastest players on the team, Neal has stood out in open media sessions with a couple of terrific catches. He will likely open as the Y receiver.
6 Joshua Stanford - Jr. - Mississauga, Ont.
The Virginia Tech transfer already made one nice sideline catch in open media observations.
5 Bobby Hartzog - So. - Houston, Texas
We haven't heard Hartzog's name so far.
4 Tyler Patrick - RSFr. - The Woodlands, Texas
Same as above, Patrick has not done anything to stand out.
82 Shakiem Barbel - Sr. - Fresno, Calif.
The senior walk-on has been getting more reps.
3 Chase Harrell - Fr. - Huffman, Texas
17 Quincy Perdue - So. - Marietta, Ga.
83 Jeremiah Booker - Fr. - College Station, Texas
Although name-checked by teammates, Booker suffered a shoulder injury which will sideline him for two weeks.
16 Steven Sims, Jr. - Fr. - Houston, Texas
Recently name-checked by Coach Beaty, perhaps to motivate other players in this part of the depth chart?
12 Darious Crawley - So. - Houston, Texas
I still think Crawley's future is somewhere other than WR.
20 Emmanuel Moore - Fr. - Haslet, Texas
85 Austin Moses - Jr. - Overland Park, Kan.
80 Matt Hentges - Jr. - Euereka, Mo.
30 Seth Conway - Sr. - Osborn, Kan.
88 Eric Rivers - Jr. - Bowie, Texas
26 Chris Bell - Fr. - The Woodlands, Texas
89 DeAnte Ford - Fr. - Missouri City, Texas
1 LaQuivionte Gonzales - Jr. - Cedar Hill, Texas
Transfer from Texas A&M, not eligible this year
81 Kent Taylor - Jr. - Tampa, Fla.
Taylor is more ideal for Beaty's offense, but he and Johnson will split playing time equally.
84 Ben Johnson - So. - Basehor, Kan.
Bigger tight end, will share equal playing time.
19 Jace Sternberger - Fr. - Kingfisher, Okla.
86 Andrew Zimmer - RSFr. - Lee's Summit, Mo.
49 Sebastian Sock - Fr. - Highlands Ranch, Colo.
79 Jordan Shelley-Smith - Jr. - Waco, Texas
A former tight end, Smith is the likely left tackle starter
78 Larry Mazyck - Sr. - Washington, D.C.
Mazyck appears to be in decent shape. He's been running at first-string RT in camp.
71 Devon Williams - Jr. - St. Augustine, Fla.
Williams has shared time at both backup OT and OG.
65 Jayson Rhodes - So. - Deer Park, Texas
Rhodes has been consistently playing second RT so far.
74 Clyde McCauley - Fr. - Arlington, Texas
66 Hunter Saulsbury - Fr. - Stilwell, Kan.
69 Mesa Ribordy - Fr. - Louisburg, Kan.
73 Larry Hughes - Fr. - Carrollton, Texas
68 Beau Lawrence - Fr. - Overland Park, Kan.
62 D'Andre Banks - Jr. - Killeen, Texas
Banks is running first-string RG, but also taking snaps at center.
76 Bryan Peters - Sr. - La Mirada, Calif.
The senior appears capable of starting; he is also taking center snaps.
71 Devon Williams - Jr. - St. Augustine, Fla.
Williams has shared time at both backup OT and OG.
72 Will Smith - Jr. - Shawnee, Kan.
Smith appears healthy after missing the spring with injury. He is running second-team RG.
55 Jacob Bragg - RSFr. - Nacogdoches, Texas
A more natural center, Bragg is also sharing time at LG.
63 Aaron Garza - Fr. - Sherman, Texas
64 Kyle Pullia - Jr. - Villa Park, Ill.
59 Jackson Jenkins - Fr. - Overland Park, Kan.
70 Keyon Haughton - Sr. - Baltimore, Md.
First-team so far, but part of his competition has been limited by injury.
77 Joe Gibson - So. - Prairie Village, Kan.
Still recovering from injury, but taking second-string snaps
55 Jacob Bragg - RSFr. - Nacogdoches, Texas
Bragg is also sharing time at LG.

Depth chart trend: defense

10 Ben Goodman - Sr. - Beaumont, Texas
Senior leader, back to his more natural DE position
56 Anthony Olobia - Jr. - Renton, Wash.
I'm not seeing any separation yet for the other DE spot.
13 Damani Mosby - Jr. - Atlanta, Ga.
Mosby and Olobia will both get a lot of snaps, I suspect.
35 T.J. Semke - Sr. - Lee's Summit, Mo.
Dropped weight to return to DE, limited quickness
17 Josh Ehambe - RSFr. - Arlington, Texas
Taking snaps at both LB and DE, the staff is getting used to the idea that Ehambe is better suited for the line.
97 Kellen Ash - So. - Manchester, Mo.
Ash is filling rotational spots at both end and tackle, due to lack of depth.
46 Dorance Armstrong - Fr. - Houston, Texas
52 Mazin Aql - Fr. - Stilwell, Kan.
90 Kapil Fletcher - Sr. - Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Small for DT, but likely starting out of necessity.
96 Daniel Wise - RSFr. - Lewisville, Texas
Small for DT, but appears to have gained a hold on the other spot.
99 Corey King - Sr. - Boca Raton, Fla.
King just arrived as a graduate transfer. King needs to catch up, but with so few players at DT, he figures into the rotation immediately.
54 Jacky Dezir - So. - Chicago, Ill.
Running second-string DT, appears healthy
91 D.J. Williams - RSFr. - Lufkin, Texas
Has some explosion, but is struggling with footwork.
94 Tyler Holmes - Jr. - Garland, Texas
Holmes has made no impact so far
57 Taylor Stine - Fr. - Dallas, Texas
98 Jason Nix - So. - Kansas City, Mo.
92 Lay'Trion Jones - RSFr. - Garland, Texas
Has not suited up yet
28 Courtney Arnick - Jr. - Dallas, Texas
KU will likely play two linebackers most of the time. Arnick is fast enough and seems to have been running first-string.
5 Marcquis Roberts - Jr. - Powder Springs, Ga.
Transfer from South Carolina, the coaches have talked about him already.
32 Schyler Miles - Jr. - Tampa, Fla.
Major injury concern, but will play purely for experience
6 Kyron Watson - So. - East St. Louis, Ill.
Not impacting the lineup yet
41 Kendall Duckworth - Fr. - Naples, Fla.
The walk-on freshman from Florida is getting a lot of buzz, especially by walk-on standards. I'm not sure I buy it yet.
17 Josh Ehambe - RSFr. - Arlington, Texas
Might be too big, likely a future DE
29 Joe Dineen - So. - Lawrence, Kan.
So far Dineen has caught the attention of the media by earning ten push-ups for dropping an interception during 11-on-11 drills.
44 Michael Zunica - Jr. Palos Park, Ill.
31 Osaze Ogbebor - Fr.- McKinney, Texas
37 Beau Bell - Sr. - Wichita, Kan.
59 Cameron Rosser - Jr. - Las Vegas, Nev.
34 Aaron Plump - Sr. - Topeka, Kan.
50 Todd Middleton - Jr. - Dodge City, Kan.
40 Jacob Davis - Jr. - Wichita, Kan.
49 Hudson Hall - Fr. - Austin, Texas
20 Keith Loneker, Jr. - So. - Lawrence, Kan.
8 Brandon Stewart - Jr. - Cedar Hill, Texas
The defensive coaches have already stated Stewart is separating himself from the field.
23 Ronnie Davis - Sr. - Oklahoma City, Okla.
The other CB spot is up for grabs.
33 Matthew Boateng - So. - Toronto, Ont.
The other CB spot is up for grabs.
26 Colin Spencer - So. - Dallas, Texas
Spencer appears to be settling in at corner after being yanked between offense and defense.
19 Tyrone Miller, Jr. - Fr. - Ann Arbor, Mich.
Miller may play as a true freshman due to lack of depth.
25 Marnez Ogletree - Jr. - Lawrenceville, Ga.
4 Shaquille Richmond - Fr. - Grand Prairie, Texas
36 Chevy Graham - Jr. - Uniondale, N.Y.
9 Fish Smithson - Jr. - Baltimore, Md.
Smithson has the most experience.
30 Tevin Shaw - Jr. - Piscataway, N.J.
Experienced as a nickel back, it's unclear if Shaw will stay there or play a regular safety spot.
22 Greg Allen - Jr. - Houston, Texas
With KU playing five DBs most of the time, Allen is likely competing for that nickel spot.
24 Bazie Bates, IV - Jr. - Allen, Texas
Bates hasn't made any separation yet, but I think he will eventually be the strong safety.
16 Denzel Feaster - Fr. - Austin, Texas
39 Michael Glatczak - Sr. - Centralia, Kan.
43 Mason Ramirez - Fr. - Round Rock, Texas
38 Hunter January - Fr. - McGregor, Texas

Depth chart trend: special teams

17 Matthew Wyman - Jr. - Bloomfield Hills, Mich.
KU only lists two place kickers in camp, and both have looked bad.
14 Nick Bartolotta - So. - St. Louis, MO
KU only lists two place kickers in camp, and both have looked bad.
18 Eric Kahn - Sr. - Spring Hill, Kan.
No separation yet
45 Ruben Guzman - Sr. - Fontana, Calif.
No separation yet
68 John Wirtel - Jr. - Orland Park, Ill.
Returning long snapper
64 Jordan Goldenberg - Jr. - Creve Coeur, Mo
Long snapper